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District 9 Meeting Card

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Advisory Page

The meeting lists do not constitute approval of any
group's manner of practicing the Al-Anon program. If the
group you attend is not right for you, please try another.

Personal anonymity , as well as confidentiality creates a safe place to Get Help
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 Telephone # for District 9: 902-564-5188

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                                        District 9 Meeting Card








Harmony AFG                                                                DURING COVID-19  

Princess Family Center                                                 Group has reopened
1 King Street                                                               Bring own mask & sanitizer
(Entrance on Parking side-left side of building)
Sydney Mines, NS – MAP 

Princess Family Center                                                 Group has reopened

1 Cottage Street                                                         Bring own mask & sanitizer

(Entrance on Parking side-left side of building)

Sydney Mines, NSMAP 





Thurs 7:00 pm



Acceptance AFG                                                            DURING COVID-19  

Salvation Army Sydney Community Church                       Group not meeting

55 Inglis Street

Sydney, NSMAP






Fri 10:30 am


New Waterford AFG                                                    DURING COVID-19  

AA Rooms                                                                  Group has reopened

401 Ling Street

New Waterford, NSMAP



Tues 7:00 pm





Courage to Change AFG                                             DURING COVID-19  

St Theresa's Church Hall                                              Group has reopened

Side door - downstairs      

285 St Peter's Road

Sydney, NSMAP  





Thurs 7:00 pm



Sydney Noon Time AFG                                              DURING COVID-19   

Bethel Presbyterian Hall                                              Group has reopened 

9 Brookland Street (at George St)

Sydney, NSMAP




Wed 12:00 pm Noon




Sydney Friendship AFG                                           DURING COVID-19

Spanish River Seniors                                              Group has reopened

Community Centre                                                   

1840 Kings Road                                                       

Sydney River, NSMAP


Mon 11:00 am






Passchendaele AFG                                                 DURING COVID-19  

Former AA Rooms (Rear)                                          Group has reopened

14 McKeen Street

Glace Bay, NSMAP





Thurs 7:00 pm



Hope For Today AFG                                               DURING COVID-19  

Unity Club                                                              Group has reopened

(Rear of former AA rooms)

14 McKeen Street

Glace Bay, NSMAP



Tues 11:00 am





Monday Night Al-Anon                                              DURING COVID-19  

Adult Children Group                                                 Group has reopened

St Theresa Church (use Ashby Rd side)    

381 Whitney Road                                     

Sydney, NSMAP       



Mon 7:00