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The meeting lists do not constitute approval of any
group's manner of practicing the Al-Anon program. If the
group you attend is not right for you, please try another.

Personal anonymity , as well as confidentiality creates a safe place to Get Help
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District 5 Meeting Card








Recovering Al-Anon Adult Children Group               DURING COVID-19

John Howard Society                                             FONGO – Call District Phone

15 Flanders Court                                                       for meeting info

Moncton, NB MAP 



Tues 7:00 pm





New Beginning AFG                                                    DURING COVID-19

Sunny Brae United Baptist Church                               FONGO – Email group for

Back entrance to church                                                meeting info

85 Elmwood Drive

Moncton, NB MAP

Contact group at


Mon 7:00 pm






Easy Does It AFG                       RETURNED TO IN-PERSON MEETINGS              151 Cameron Street                                                                                             (rear of laundromat, basement)                                                                     Moncton, NB MAP



Tues 8:00 pm





Clark AFG                      WC                                              DURING COVID-19

Mountain View United Church                                   FONGO – Call District Phone

(basement)                                                                       for meeting info

85 MacBeath Avenue

Moncton, NBMAP




Wed 8:00 pm




Morning Serenity AFG                                                     DURING COVID-19

Notre Dame de Grace Church                                  FONGO – Call District Phone 

(rectory - Basement)                                                      for meeting info

854 Mountain Road

Moncton, NBMAP





Thurs 10:00 am



Road to Recovery AFG                                                    DURING COVID-19

162 Trites Road                                                    Meeting face to face as of 

(Corner Trites Rd & White Pine)                                    April 2, 2021

Above Needs Store (upstairs)

Riverview, NBMAP






Fri 7:30 pm


Reaching Out AFG                                                            DURING COVID-19

St Pauls United Church                                           FONGO – Call District Phone 

404 Cleveland Avenue                                                    for meeting info

(off Coverdale Rd, Main Lobby Room)

Riverview, NBMAP

Mon 10:00 am







Love & Hope AFG                                                      DURING COVID-19

Old School Memramcook East                               ZOOM – Call District Phone

575 Memramcook East (front door classroom)             for meeting info

Group is Bilingual

Memramcook, NBMAP




Wed 7:30 pm




Nouveau Horizon GFA                                                       Pendant COVID-19 

(French Language group/Réunion en langue française)       ZOOM – téléphonez le       Église Notre-Dame D'Acadie, Université de Moncton           numéro du district pour     18 Ave Antonine Maillet (Chapelle, Université de Moncton,        reseignements sur       sous-sol de l'église, dernière salle à gauche,                                 réunions                stationnement coté droit)

Moncton, NBMAP





jeudi 7:30 pm