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District 15 Meeting Card


COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Advisory Page 

The meeting lists do not constitute approval of any
group's manner of practicing the Al-Anon program. If the
group you attend is not right for you, please try another.

Personal anonymity , as well as confidentiality creates a safe place to Get Help
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District 15 Meeting Card








 District 15 Zoom Meeting                      DURING COVID-19

 Email District for access info


7:00 pm

Zoom Only 


Portland AFG                                                               DURING COVID-19 

Sophia Recovery Centre                                          ZOOM - Email District

83 Hazen Street (Ring buzzer #1 for entrance)                for access info

Saint John, NBMAP                    





Thurs 7:00 pm




Sussex Serenity AFG                                                DURING COVID-19

St Xavier’s Catholic Church Hall                                 Group has reopened  

(basement-ground level entrance at rear)

110 Church Avenue

Sussex, NBMAP


Mon 7:30 pm






Let it Begin With Us AFG                                     DURING COVID-19

Presbyterian Kirk Hall                                           Group has reopened 

180 Brunswick Street

St George, NBMAP   WC






Fri 7:00 pm


Silver Falls AFG                                                  DURING COVID-19

Silver Falls United Church                                   Group has reopened 

840 Loch Lomond Rd at corner of 

McAllister Dr (Outer Bldg) (East side)

Saint John, NBMAP


Mon 7:00 pm






Waterloo AFG                                                     DURING COVID-19

St John (Stone) Church                                      Group has reopened

87 Carleton Street                                                      

Saint John, NBMAP                           



Tues 8:00 pm





Woolastook AFG                                             DURING COVID-19

St Mark’s United Church                                    Group has reopened

(around back - west side)                              

50 Dexter Drive


Saint John, NBMAP




Wed 7:00 pm